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Boat Register

Documents and Rules/Boat Register/BR 1 - 500
Sail Numbers 1 to 500: from the early days to 1961

Boat Register 1 - 500

Boat Number Builder Material Comments Measurement Date Name(s) Successes
GBR 1 Medina Yacht Yard Wood   27-Jan- 56 Golden Oriole  
ZIM 2         Ballerina  
GBR 3         Quick Silver
 or Sophie
GBR 4 Medina Yacht Yard Wood The first fifteen built   My Dainty Duck
 or Blue Stocking
 or Ffancy Ffree
RF 126 JAT Hobbs Wood First Fifteen Built in Australia 1950 Serena  
IRL 5 Medina Yacht Yard Wood Total Loss   Fiona  
GBR 6 Medina Yacht Yard Wood   24-Mar-54 Neesa 1st GBR ’49
1st GBR ’51
GBR 7 Uffa Fox   Total Loss 9-Apr-54 Ffrisk  
GBR 8 Smith     16-Feb-56 Gaudeamaus  
AUS 9         Eileen  
IRL 10 Medina Yacht Yard Wood Total Loss 01-Jun-54 Corsair 1st Nthn Ireland ’54
1st Nthn Ireland ’55
GBR 11       1-Apr-59 Ffrail
 or Ffanny
 or Decoy
 or Pibroch
GBR 12 Dixon     15-Apr-54 Jupiter
 or Tangerine
GBR 13 Medina Yacht Yard Wood   16-Oct-56 Ffraik
 or Cashoma
 or Glan D II
GBR 14         My Dainty Duck  
GBR 15       22-Feb-57 My Dear A
 or Tern
 or Titania
 or Maria Bheig
GBR 16 Jack Holt   Total Loss 4-Jul-55 Cinders  
GBR 17 Bobak     14-Feb-55 Armorel  
GBR 18 Uffa Fox   Total Loss 9-Apr-54 Ffrantic
 or Tiger
2nd GBR ’49
GBR 19 Primrose     3-Jul-57 Anthea II  
GBR 20 Medina Yard     14-Dec-58 Romance  
GBR 21         Pegasus II  
GBR 22 Woodnutts Wood   22-Jul-52 Flying Cloud  
GBR 23   Wood   26-Apr-58 Suzanne  
GBR 24         Cirrus  
GBR 25 Robertson     23-May-56 Figaro
 or Tohubohu Too
3rd GBR Sthns ’54
GBR 26 Robertson     11-Feb-56 Malaise  
GBR 27       29-Mar-68 Flyff
 or Sprite
GBR 28   Wood/Fabric     Femme Fatale  
GBR 29 Clark     24-Mar-57 Fantasia  
GBR 30 Bowsfield     31-Mar-60 Citch
 or Wikkers
GBR 31         Vinhatico  
GBR 32         Sabrina  
GBR 33 Uffa Fox   Total Loss 26-Apr-56 Alarm  
GBR 34 Uffa Fox     9-Apr-52 Fflirty Fflor
 or Red Flyer
 or Winwillow
 or Titwillow
 or Willow
GBR 35         Titania 1st GBR ’50
GBR 36         Aonghasna Goit  
GBR 37 Woodnutts   Total Loss 8-June-57 Ffancy  
GBR 38       8-May-56 Hilarity  
GBR 39         Whirlwind  
GBR 40       25-Apr-56 Fulmar
 or Zither
GBR 41         Sulky Sorceress  
JAM 42     BAH   Spindrift
 or Eande
MRI 43         Blue Bird  
GBR 44 Print and Kingston   Total Loss 2-May-60 Starletta 1st GBR ’52
1st GBR ’54
GBR 45 J Chippendale & J Wyatt     7-Aug-52 Ffiesta  
GBR 46 Tormentor     17-Jul-52 Ffrolic 1st GBR ’53
1st GBR Sthns ’55
IRL 47 Tormentor     13-Jun-56 Flying Fox  
GBR 48     Total Loss   Iff III  
GBR 49 Tormentor     2-May-52 Wideawake  
IRL 50 Tormentor   Total Loss 20-Jun-52 Pootekat  
GBR 51 Tormentor     4-April-56 Safari
 or Mustang
GBR 52 Robertson     31-May-56 Moira  
GBR 53         Ffidget  
GBR 54 Vene-Bjorndahl       Kingfisher
 or Ffrou Ffrou
 or Fizz
 or Flying Fish
 or Calypso
GBR 55 Uffa Fox – Medina Wood Copper fastened   12-Apr-54 Grey Goose II
 or Cocumella
 or Vanora
GBR 56 Long     11-Jun-53 Storm-a-Long 2nd GBR Sthns ’54
GBR 57 Long     10-Apr-56 Fly-a-Long
 or Jolieboi
 or Odtaa
 or Goscar
GBR 58 Long     11-Jun-53 Fflo-a-Long  
GBR 59         Spin-a-Long  
GBR 60 Long     11-Jun-53 Gnola  
GBR 61         Ffantome  
GBR 62 Long   JAM 3-April-53 Ffoamalong  
GBR 63 Medina Yacht Co.     27-May-55 Wanda  
GBR 64 Long     1-Jan-52 Tempest  
GBR 65 Aubery Long     11-Jun-53 Sirena
 or Calypso II
 or Caroline
 or Genevieve
GBR 66 Long     11-June-53    
GBR 67 Long     28-May-55 Ffetan
 or Scattered Foam
2nd GBR ’55
3rdGBR Sthns ’57
GBR 68 Medina Yacht Co.     28-May-59 Fflamingo  
GBR 69 Tormentor   Total Loss 25-Mar-56 Pan 2nd GBR ’54
GBR 70 Medina Yacht Co.     2-Jun-58 Muff Of Malham  
GBR 71         Mouse  
GBR 72 Woodnutts     15-Apr-52 Ffalcon  
73     Total Loss   Zenith  
CYP 74         Filfar  
GBR 75            
GBR 76 Halmatic     6-May-55 Fflook
 or Cinderella
GBR 77 Jack Holt     4-Apr-55 Solaire
 or Nemo
IRL 78 Tormentor     23-July-53 Red Rover
 or Silverwing
2nd GBR ’56
GBR 79 Medina     10-May-52 Ffeather  
GBR 80         Flying Fish  
GBR 81         Joyous Garde  
GBR 82 Medina     16-October-52 Mole  
GBR 83 Tormentor     26-May-55 Sforzando  
IRL 84 Brown     21-Apr-54 Witch of Nendrum 1st Nthn Ireland ’53
1st GBR ’56
GBR 85 Tormentor     20-Aug-55 Naianthe
 or Fifinella
USA 86            
CAN 87         Frolic  
FRA 88         Felicity  
GBR 89 Tormentor     13-April-53 Uproar
 or Fifty Fifty
IRL 90 Tormentor     4-May-56 Cortina
 or Thiella
GBR 91 Medina       Speedwel
 or Jamil
 or Ffooey
USA 92         Roberta  
GBR 93 Tormentor       Rosaline Elaine
 or Double-O-Seven
2nd GBR Sthns '55
GBR 94 Tormentor     23-Mar-53 Freelancer
 or Ffilibuster
GBR 95 Tormentor   JAM 13-Apr-53 Ghoti
 or Carousal
NZL 96         Buttercup  
NZL 97 Sam Mason     9-Nov-63 Snowdrop  
NZL 98 Sam Mason     22-Feb-64 Pinkie 1st NZL ’62
1st NZL ’65
1st NZL ’66
1st NZL ’67
1st Auckland ’68
1st Auckland ’69
RSA 99     Total loss      
GBR 100 Tormentor     11-May-53 Percent
 or Phastyin
GBR 101 Samson     16-Jul-55 Flying Ffin
 or Puffin
102         Bolivar  
IRL 103 Boyd   QAT 27-May-54 Flexy Flyer
 or Ffram
GBR 104         Zippa  
GBR 105 Tormentor     11-June-53 Ffriction
 or Ffoenix
IRL 106 Savage     18-May-56 Pride of Erin  
GBR 107 Halmatic     5-Apr-56 Ffantail
 or Ffelonie
 or Ffabric
 or Ditty
GBR 108 Halmatic   Scrapped 2004 18-Apr-59 Ffulmar II
 or Burutu
 or Shuna
109     Iraq   Fil Fil  
110     Iraq   Bul Bul  
111     Iraq      
IRL 112 Tormentor     15-Jan-53 Viff  
GBR 113 Tormentor     2-July-53 Great Scot
 or Karen
2nd GBR Nthns ’58
114 Halmatic   Zambia 17-May-63 Fledormaus  
GBR 115         Grania  
GBR 116 Halmatic Composite   29-Jul-63 Kitty  
IRL 117 Russell     23-Apr-54 Cuan’s Pride
 or Armorel
IRL 118 Bennett       Pam  
GBR 119 Harmatic & Sparkes   Aden 24-March-54 Bryher  
IRL 120 Rowan     27-May-54 Genevieve  
GBR 121 Medina Wood   27-Jul-53 Fsu Fsu
 or Aquarius
GBR 122 Tormentor     12-April-54 Ffrippet
 or Fanfare
 or Fantastic
3rd GBR ’54
2nd GBR ’57
GBR 123 Tormentor     12-May-54 Lily
 or Vanda
 or Kwan Yin
 or Kwan
GBR 124 Tormentor   AUS
 Total Loss
12-May-54 Fanfare
 or Ffennomenal
AUS 125     Australia   Mikslip  
GBR 126 Tormentor     9-May-56 Ffleet
 or Ffoam
1st GBR Sthns ’54
1st GBR ’55
GBR 127 Tormentor     2-June-54 Fair Lady
 or Gusto
 or Fairy Lady
1st GBR Sthns ’56
GBR 128 Tormentor Wood RSA
 Total Loss
9-May-55 Skate
 or Black Magic
GBR 129 Halmatic     27-October-54 Caramba
 or Fforfun
GBR 130 Tormentor     16-May-55 Fifi
 or Ffaro
GBR 131 Tormentor     23-Dec-54 Ffortune
 or Flatfeet
1st GBR Nthns ’56
RSA 132   Wood     Furious  
GBR 133 Tormentor     22-Mar-55 Joy
 or Heavy Breathing
 or Fly By Night
3rd GBR Nthns ’62
MEX 134         Comoeres  
IRL 135 Uffa Fox     1-May-56 Puck of Puckaster  
IRL 136 Brown     9-Apr-55 Fan Tan
 or Fantail
1st Nthn Ireland ’60
GBR 137         Grania  
IRL 138 Cory     31-May-55 Ffulmar  
IRL 139 Gilmore     8-Jun-55 Kittiwake 1st Nthn Ireland ’56
IRL 140 Gilmore     8-June-55 Topaz
 or Guillemot
IRL 141 Gilmore     30-May-55 Innisharon
 or Teal
IRL 142 Gilmore     23-May-55 Stormy Petrel  
IRL 143 Gilmore     26-May-55 Blue Movie
 or Curlew
IRL 144 Gilmore   Total Loss 15-May-56 Ffandango II  
IRL 145 Gilmore     3-Jun-55 Godwit  
IRL 146 Gilmore     8-June-55 Cormorant
 or Paula
IRL 147 Gilmore     30-May-55 Lapwing  
IRL 148 Gilmore     8-Jun-55 Penguin  
GBR 149 Tormentor   Total Loss 4-April-55 Fflighty  
GBR 150 Tormentor     6-May-55 Mercury  
GBR 151 Pull     24-Jul-57 Elizabeth Ann
 or Small Wells
 or Calypso
GBR 152 Rickerby     27-Jun-55 Ffumff  
GBR 153 Vectis     20-Aug-72 Whisper 3rd GBR Sthns ’56
2nd GBR Sthns ’57
IRL 154 Gilmore       Ffandango
 or Ffortissimo
GBR 155            
156 Vectis   Iraq – H.M. The King of Iraq   Queen Alia
 or Mayadah
GBR 157 Halmatic     7-Jul-55 Tarka  
GBR 158         Red Mistress
 or Jarl
GBR 159 Willis     17-May-56 Shamrock  
GBR 160 Medina / Collins     2-July-55 Frivolity
 or Arwel
IRL 161 Gilmore     15-May-56 Shearwater  
IRL 162 Gilmore   Total Loss 18-May-56 Seamew  
GBR 163 Tormentor     1-Mar-56 Verve  
GBR 164 Tormentor     15-Apr-56 Lone Wolf 3rd GBR Sthns ’59
165     Iraq   Mish Mish  
166     Iraq   Lac Lac  
GB R167 Tormentor     19-Apr-56 Fflamingo II  
GBR 168 Tormentor     21-Jun-56 Ffiligree 3rd GBR Nthns ’56
GBR 169 Partington     12-Jun-63 Fickle
 or Ffrition
GBR 170         Dragon 1
 or Hinemoa
IRL 171 Hull     11-Jun-56 Czarina  
IRL 172 Tormentor       Lollipop  
GBR 173 Tormentor     29-Jun-56 Pippa  
IRL 174 Tormentor     11-Jun-56 Kerry Dancer
 or Nimbus
1st Sthn IRL ’67
IRL 175         Fiona  
GBR 176 Tormentor     29-Jun-56 Cinderella
 or Galatea
 or Giimac
GBR 177     ITA      
IRL 178 Russell     23-May-56 Flying Fury  
IRL 179 Curran     15-Jun-56 Sabre  
GBR 180 Tormentor     15-Aug-55 Farina
 or Arketta
181 Tormentor   Iraq 29-June-56 Afaf
 or Faheema
GBR 182 Tormentor Wood Tor 1 1-May-56 Otter 3rd GBR ’56
2nd GBR Sthns ’56
1st GBR ’57
1st GBR Sthns ’57
2nd GBR ’58
1st GBR Sthns ’58
2nd GBR Sthns ’59
183 Tormentor   Iraq 20-Sep-56 Dixie
 or Fa’ida
184 Tormentor   Iraq 20-Sep-56 Fa’ika  
185     Iraq   Faliha  
GBR 186 Tormentor     19-Apr-56 Ffleet
 or Beaver Ffleet
 or Beaver
GBR 187         Fleet  
IRL 188 Magee     12-May-56 Flying Pheonix  
GBR 189 Wymack   Total Loss 4-Jun-56 Seagull
 or I C Low
GBR 190            
AUS 191 Copeland     13-June-76 Finnigan or
GBR 192 Medina Yacht Yard Wood Cowes Library
 H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh
23-May-62 Coweslip 3rd GBR ’55
1stGBR Nthns ’55
2nd GBR Nthns ’56
2nd GBR Sthns ’58
3rd GBR Sthns ’64
GBR 193 Tormentor     17-Nov-56 Love Fifteen
 or Ride the Lightning
 or Baluchi
 or F. F. Sharp
2ndGBR Sthns ’60
SUI 194     LIE   Cherie Caroline  
AUS 195         Fast Friend  
IRL 196       18-Aug-57 Winsome  
GBR 197 Storey   Total Loss 9-Mar-57 Ffillipp  
GBR 198 Tormentor     2-Jul-56 Charm  
GBR 199 Tormentor     14-Aug-56 Gigi  
IRL 200 McGimpsey   Total Loss   Blue Tango  
GBR 201 Paty     29-Mar-63 Fair Frolic
 or Toto
 or Fflirtacious
GBR 202 Tormentor Wood Tor 1 29-Mar-57 Silver Fox 2nd GBR Nthns ’57
 3rd GBR Sthns ’58
 1st GBR ’59
 1st GBR Sthns ’59
 3rd GBR ’60
 3rd GBR Sthns ’60
 3rd GBR ’61
 3rd GBR ’62
 2nd GBR Sthns ’62
 2nd GBR Sthns ’63
 1st GBR Sthns ’64
 3rd GBR ’65
 1st GBR Sthns ’65
 3rd GBR ’66
 1st GBR Sthns ’66
 2nd GBR ’67
 1st= GBR Sthns ’67
 GBR Owners Cup ’68
 2nd GBR Nthns ’69
 2nd GBR Sthns ’69
 1st GBR Sthns ’70
 2nd GBR Sthns ’71
 3rd GBR Sthns ’73
GBR 203 Tormentor     8-Apr-57 Pamela  
IRL 204 Tomentor     28-Mar-57 Fleurette II
 or Snow Goose
3rd Nthn Ireland ’66
2nd Nthn Ireland ’67
2nd Nthn Ireland ’68
GUA 205            
GBR 206 Tormentor Wood   29-Jun-57 Saffire
 or Sapphire
 or Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum
IRL 207 Dougherty     28-March-57 Albatros
 or Allegro
IRL 208 Donelly   Total Loss 14-May-57 Escapade  
IRL 209 W.Carson Tuffnol   5-Oct-57 Ffreek 1st GBR ’58
IRL 210 Tormentor Wood Tor 1 25-Jun-57 Vixen 1st Nthn Ireland ’57
3rd GBR ’58
1st Nthn Ireland ’58
1st Nthn Ireland ’59
1st GBR ’60
2nd GBR Nthns '63
3rd GBR ’64
2nd GBR ’66
1st Nthn Ireland ’67
2nd GBR Nthns ’68
1s tNthn Ireland ’68
1st GBR Nthns ’69
MEX 211         Quivis II
 or Ni-Modo II
MEX 212         Fada
 or Dragonfly
MEX 213         Dragonfly
 or Felicia
MEX 214         Contigo  
GBR 215 Tormentor   Total Loss - Repairs no longer viable 4-Jun-57 Ffolly
 or Way
GBR 216 Tormentor     18-Jun-57 Sincerella
 or Saluki
 or Cinderella
1st GBR Nthns ’57
GBR 217 B Smith     24-April-58 Rainbow  
GBR 218       10-May-57 Ffrantic 3rd GBR ’57
1st GBR Sthns ’72
1st GBR Sthns ’74
1st GBR Sthns ’75
IRL 219 Cater     22-May-58 Duna
 or Ouna
IRL 220 Cater     22-May-58 Oriole  
IRL 221 Cater & Windsor     5-May-59 Pereja  
IRL 222         Norena  
IRL 223 W. J. Brian     25-May-57 Lindy lou
 or Silvena
 or Fflash
VEN 224            
GBR 225 Tormentor     18-Jun-57 Philomel 3rd GBR Nthns ’57
GUA 226            
CYP 227            
GBR 228       17-Jun-58 Ffarceur  
GBR 229 Tormentor Wood Tor 1 8-Apr-57 Fantasia
 or Fantasy
KEN 230         Safina
 or Sally Fiona
231     Zambia   Waterwitch  
232     Zambia   Naiad  
GBR 233     Home build 8-Mar-58 Black Maria
 or Black Swan
GBR 234 Roy James     22-Aug-59 Follette
 or Fflambuoyant
1st Scots ’61
AHO 236         Ttavswva  
CAN 237     Curaco Is      
GBR 238         Fferveresence  
BER 239            
VEN 240            
VEN 241            
VEN 242            
GBR 243         Fforester  
NZL 244 L Ashton     20-Feb-64 Fflurry II  
NZL 245 L Ashton     20-Feb-64 Juliana  
GBR 246 Tormentor Wood Tor 2 3-Oct-57 Farouche
 or Wanton
GBR 247 M. Crossley     15-August-58 Iff III
 or Moby Dick
QAT 248 Tormentor     19-May-58 Springbok
 or Carillion
 or Stardust
GBR 249 Anderson, Rigdon & Perkins LTD   Total Loss 20-Nov-57 Ffinesse  
GBR 250 Tormentor     11-Nov-57 Glenalla
 or Fru Fru
 or Frou Frou
GBR 251 Tormentor     10-Mar-58 Fanfare II
 or Moshulu
GBR 252 Tormentor     18-Mar-58 Scherzo  
GBR 253 Tormentor   Tor 1 3-Apr-58 Winwillow
 or Chapter Fifteen
GUA 254 Tormentor     21-January-58 Albatros
 or Albertros
GBR 255 Tormentor     20-May-58 Hobgoblin 1st GBR Nthns ’58
2nd GBR ’59
1st GBR Nthns ’59
2nd GBR ’60
2nd GBR Nthns ’60
1st Scots ’60
2nd GBR ’61
1st GBR Sthns ’61
3rd GBR Nthns ’61
2nd GBR ’62
1st GBR Nthns ’62
2ndScots ’67
1stGBR ’68
GBR 256 Tormentor     18-March-58 High Fly
 or Giselle
 or Fluff
IRL 257 Russell Wood   13-May-59 Sea Fury
 or Goosander
3rd Nthn Ireland ’67
GBR 258 Tormentor     18-Mar-58 Fflapper
 or Fear Not
GBR 259 Tormentor     18-Apr-58 Ffriogant
 or Piper III
GBR 260 Tormentor Wood   3-Apr-58 Fflicka  
GBR 261 A Berry     10-Mar-58 Fflame  
GBR 262 Tormentor Wood Mk I
 Total Loss (since recovered)
4-Apr-77 Saffron
 or Affro
 or Cloudy
 or Mary II
GUA 263            
GBR 264     SUI 3-April-58 Valchris
 or Suvretta
GBR 265       20-May-59 Miranda 2nd GBR Nthns ’59
GBR 266 Chamberlain     8-May-59 Saga 3rd GBR Nthns ’59
GBR 267 Tormentor     8-May-58 fflury
 or Persephone
IRL 268 Russell     21-Mar-60 Flaming Fury
 or Six & Seven Eighths
 or Fflit
GBR 269 Tormentor     18-Apr-58 Flamingo
 or Poussin
1st GBR Sthns ’62
GBR 270 Tormentor     21-Jul-61 Ffia
 or Fia
 or Fiskery
 or Fforfuntoo
GBR 271     Total Loss   Zulekia  
GBR 272         Finlandia  
GBR 273     BRN      
USA 274 Tormentor   California 11-Jul-58 Connie Ffrancis  
GBR 275 Tormentor   JAM 6-Jun-58 Mistral II
 or Feather
GBR 276 Tormentor     19-Jun-58 Calypso  
277 Tormentor   Aden and AUS 29-Jul-58 Pandora  
GBR 278       8-Aug-58 Ffizz  
GBR 279 Tormentor     29-Jul-58 Scaramouch
 or Nymff
GBR 280 Tormentor     19-Jun-58 Fflirt  
GBR 281       19-Jun-61 Jania  
IRL 282 MacGill   Total Loss 16-Jun-59 Foxfire  
GBR 283 Tormentor     3-Nov-58 Orbiter  
GBR 284 Wood     20-Jul-59 Kiwi
 or Tanera II
 or Bonito
GBR 285 Mazzoni     20-Jul-59 Gemini  
GBR 286         Frisk  
GBR 287 Hutton / Haxton     20-Jul-59 Thane  
GBR 288 Hutton / Haxton     27-Mar-60 Sulvan
 or Suliven
GBR 289 Dingwall     27-March-60 Sharon  
GBR 290 Aubery Long     25-May-59 Sharko
 or Scattered Foam II
1st GBR Sthns ’60
IRL 291 Brennan     14-May-59 Virago  
GBR 292 Tormentor   Tor 1 (last built ?) 3-Nov-58 Gazelle 1st Nthn Ireland ’61
1st GBR Nthns ’68
3rd GBR Nthns ’69
2nd Nthn Ireland ’70
GBR 293 Tormentor     13-Apr-59 Flying Fancy  
GBR 294 Tormentor     20-Feb-59 Poppyngaye  
GBR 295 Tormentor     17-Mar-59 Kim
 or Ffusion
3rd GBR Sthns ’61
GBR 296 Tormentor     17-March-59 Serrin
 or Beguine
 or Yorkshire Lady
 or Frog
GBR 297 Tormentor / Douglas     16-May-59 Whinchat  
GBR 298 Tormentor / Andrew     8-Jun-59 Extragance  
GBR 299 Beach     23-Apr-59 Zig Zag
 or Cadability
 or Melody
GBR 300 S.R.M.Dixon Wood   18-Sep-59 Pip
 or Dolphin
GBR 301   Wood   10-Feb-59 Jacinta II
 or Roo
 or Bess of Hardwick
 or Sally Claire
 or Puffin
302     Aden   Sffinx  
USA 303     California      
GBR 304     Total Loss In early records, not in later   Fflagon
 or Candy Floss
GBR 305 Tormentor   Boat becomes Iska when one above becomes Candy Floss 2-Apr-59 Candy Floss
 or Iska
 or Luffa
 or Elffrida
 or Fiasco
GBR 306 Tormentor Wood   17-Mar-59 Yikahooka
 or Mike’s Folly
 or Child’s Play
 or Lulu
 or Phantom
GBR 307 Tormentor     17-Mar-59 Fionair
 or Fiona
3rd GBR ’59
GBR 308 Tormentor / Yealm     1-September-59 Windlass
 or Allegretto
GBR 309 Horsfall     3-May-59 Mustang
 or Savary
 or Whinberry
GBR 310 Tormentor / Yealm   JAM 1-September-59 Daiquiri
 or Fiddlers Free
 or Ffone
2nd JAM ’66
GBR 311 Tormentor Wood Tor 2 21-May-59 Ffluent 3rd GBR Nthns ’67
1st Scots ’67
GBR 312 Tormentor     25-Apr-59 Sticky Finger
 or Teal
 or Scampi
 or Charmer V
GBR Owners Cup ’73
GBR 313 Tormentor / Blagdon     3-June-59 Ffinella  
GBR 314 Tormentor     21-May-59 Outward Bound II
 or Scout
GBR 315 Halmatic     11-June-76 Zokko
 or Tremble Forte
GBR 316 Webb     3-May-59 Red Mink  
GBR 317 Tormentor     17-Mar-59 Fan-Ling
 or Rosebud
USA 318 Wayne Wilson   California 18-Apr-59 Amaryllis
 or Flying Filly
1st USA ’76
USA 319 Tormentor / Halmatic   Aden 25-Jun-59 Flamingo II
 or Fa Magcorie
GBR 320 Tormentor / Trebilcock Wood   1-Sep-59 Cherie
 or Naiad II
 or Patricia
 or Puffin II
GBR 321 Tormentor Wood   20-Mar-59 Lilt  
AUS 322         Areil II or
GBR 323         Freeazaire  
BRN 324 Tormentor     25-June-59 Faliha
 or Farah
GBR 325 Class Craft     14-May-59 Satanita  
QAT 326         Fa’ida
 or Fawziya
GBR 327 Tormentor / Troughton     3-Oct-59 Dragonfly  
GBR 328 Bagley     27-Sep-60 Ffrancesca
 or Black Eagle
GBR 329 Tormentor     15-Jul-59 Honeybun  
GBR 330         Ilithyia  
GBR 331 Robertson     7-May-60 Pied Piper  
GBR 333 Newnham     30-Jul-60 Miskoo  
GBR 334 Tormentor     22-Jan-60 Saffire  
IRL 335 Tormentor     5-Jul-60 Kelpie  
GBR 336 Tormentor     31-Mar-60 Ming
 or Lacone
GBR 337 Tormentor     18-Mar-60 Pintail
 or Dark Side of the Moon
GBR 338         Fli Fi
 or Royalt II
GBR 339 Tormentor     5-Feb-60 Jami  
GBR 340 Tormentor     26-Feb-60 Ffilly
 or Fizzy Oben
GBR 341     JAM   Carefree
 or Crusader
3rd JAM ’66
GBR 342 Tormentor     5-Feb-60 Papagena
 or Union Jack
3rd GBR Sthns ’62
GBR 343 Tormentor     5-Feb-60 Breff-A-Liza
 or Mica
GBR 344 Dewer     15-Nov-60 Fflipinelle  
GBR 345 Tormentor   Total Loss 5-Feb-60 Joyess
 or Mary Gloster
 or Winship II
GBR 346     JAM   Sabre
 or ffion Barr
3rdJ AM ’67
1st JAM ’69
GBR 347 Medina Yacht Co.     14-May-60 Torrens  
GBR 348 Tormentor / Elagdon     25-Apr-60 Tiercel  
GBR 349            
GBR 350 Tormentor     6-May-60 Ffven
 or Ffidelio
GBR 351 Burntisland Wood   2-Jun-61 Koran  
USA 352 Wayne Wilson   California 14-Dec-60 Maiden  
GBR 353 Beach     12-April-60 Frigate
 or Filoselle
GBR 354 Terry & Sons     1-May-60 Filibuster
 or Whisper IV
GBR 355 Tormentor     27-May-60 Centuara  
GBR 356 Tormentor     14-Jun-60 Ffair Lady  
IRL 357 Gilmore     3-Jun-60 Goosander  
IRL 358 Gilmore   Total Loss 3-Jun-60 Whimbrel  
GBR 359 Tormentor / Blagdon     23-July-60 Carousel
 or Cornwhylen
GBR 360 Trodd     20-May-61 Ffandango  
GBR 361 Tormentor     6-May-60 Sharko  
GBR 362 Pascoe     20-Apr-60 Fflap
 or Neelia
 or Jamnik
 or Estrange
 or Exel
GBR 363 James   AUS / JAM 10-Apr-60 Saba or
 or Swanee II
 or Daiquiri
 or Miss Mee
1st Aus ’66
GBR 364 Hancock     10-Apr-60 Ffizzle  
GBR 365 Tormentor Wood   10-Apr-60 Diyala 2nd GBR Sthns ’61
GBR 366 Tormentor     10-Apr-60 Latifa  
GBR 367 Tormentor Wood   10-Apr-60 Blue Witch  
GBR 368 Pasco     2-Dec-62 Yer Tiz  
AUS 369 JAT Hobbs Wood   1957 Sheba 1st Aus ’62
AUS 370     Total Loss   Silhouette  
AUS 371 David     8-Aug-66 Shemara
 or Spray
GBR 372 Collier   Total Loss 1-Jun-60 Ffolie  
USA 373   Wood Maine   Ffifletrig  
GBR 374 Tormentor     9-Jun-60 Gulliver
 or Blue Peter
 My Ffair Lady
 or Winiata
GBR 375 Barry-Ross     4-Jun-60 Fluff
 or Ffiasco
GBR 376 Medina Yacht Co. Wood   8-Apr-60 Jackdaw  
GBR 377 Tormentor     15-July-70 Ffixen  
GER 378 Tormentor     23-May-60 Olwe Neres  
GBR 379 Tormentor     6-May-60 Fflair
 or Water Rat
 or Fiore
IRL 380 Russell   Total Loss 4-May-60 Fury 1st GBR Nthns ’60
2nd GBR Nthns ’61
GBR 381 Collier     8-Aug-60 Ariel  
GBR 382 Richardsons     21-March-74 Lizajane III  
GBR 383 Tormentor / Harrison Largs     25-May-61 Nizz Pizz  
GBR 384 Tormentor     31-Mar-60 Crud-yr-Awel
 or Fflamina
 or Jolieboi
GBR 385 Tormentor     29-Apr-60 Fflamenco 1st GBR Sthns ’73
2nd GBR Sthns ’74
2nd GBR ’75
GBR 386         Doodle  
387 Tormentor ??   Built for R.A.F. – Aden   Imran  
388 Tormentor Composite Built for R.A.F. – Aden 19-Aug-69 Sira
 or Tormentor
389 Tormentor ??   Built for R.A.F. – Aden   Boradli  
390 Tormentor ??   Built for R.A.F. – Aden   Marshag
 or Antuk
391 Tormentor   Built for R.A.F. – Aden 20-Apr-70 Amelia
 or Antuk
 or Marshaq
392 Tormentor ??   Built for R.A.F. – Aden   Salil  
GBR 393 McAllister & Son   Sank Kippford ’92 24-Jun-63 Fe-Fo-Too  
394 Tormentor Wood Aden   Sadafah  
GBR 395 Westbrook     3-May-61 Blue Heaven  
GBR 396 Chippendale Wood Chip 1 16-Aug-60 Fflicka II
 or Alter Ego
1st GBR ’69
GBR Owners Cup ’69
GBR 397 Chippendale Wood Chip 1 30-March-61 Jemima
 or Also Ffor Ffun
2nd GBR Nats ’81
2ndGBR Nthns ’81
GBR Owners Cup ’81
GBR Owners Cup ’83
GBR 398 Young     2-May-62 Tatu
 or Barracuda
GBR 399 Tormentor / Bruin     27-July-60 Tiptoe
 or Ffifer
 or Pfiffen
IRL 400 Chippendale     23-May-61 Playful 2nd Nthn Ireland ’78
GBR 401 Miller     23-April-61 Jalna  
GBR 402 Woodnutt     8-May-61 More Trouble
 or Willanna II
GBR 403     Aden
 Probable Total Loss
GBR 404 Chippendale     1-Apr-68 Ondine
 or Frustration
GBR 405 Ross   Total Loss 2-Jun-91 Flomajo  
GBR 406 Burntisland          
GBR 407         Jane
 or Sarre
GBR 408            
GBR 409 Wells     9-Aug-61 Fflotsam
 or Cheetah Too
 or Ffargo
IRL 410 Chippendale     11-June-62 Viper  
GBR 411 Cowes Boatbuilding Co     25-May-61 No Reason
 or Sylphide
 or Fan-tan
GBR 412 Chippendale Wood   30-Mar-61 Figiano 1st GBR Nats ’61
GBR 413         Westerley  
GBR 414     Total Loss   Dry Fly  
GBR 415 Chippendale     18-Mar-61 Caravelle  
IRL 416 Gilmore     11-Jun-62 Syrinx II  
GBR 417 Tormentor     4-March-61 ffickle  
IRL 418 Chippendale     15-May-61 Carina  
GBR 419 Medina Wood   27-Mar-61 Dolffin
 or Marbella
 or Ffingel
1st Worlds Classic '15
GBR 420 Chippendale Wood   26-Mar-68 Soraya 3rd GBR Sthns ’63
1st GBR Sthns ’66
1st GBR ’67
1st=GBR Sthns ’67
1st Scots ’70
IRL 421 Chippendale     30-Mar-61 Ffreyja  
GBR 422 Swalwell Pattern Co     25-March-61 Easterley  
IRL 423 Chippendale / Carruthers     6-May-61 Salamander  
USA 424     California   Maiden  
USA 425     California      
USA 426 Wayne Wilson   California 13-Apr-63 Elleffant  
USA 427 Wayne Wilson   California 27-Jul-63 Phideau
 or Temptress
USA 428     California   Oughter  
USA 429     California      
USA 430     California      
USA 431     California      
USA 432     California      
USA 433     California      
GBR 434     Total Loss   Filfla  
GBR 435 Chippendale     9-Apr-61 Black Swan
 or Last Chance
GBR 436 Shalwell Pattern Co     20-June-61 Stiletto  
IRL 437 W J Jardin     19-May-62 Ffascination
 or Harlequin
USA 438 W Wilson / R W Cady   California 12-Jun-63 Contrail II  
USA 439 Wilson / Barbour   California 30-Jul-63 Ffantasy  
IRL 440 Chippendale / Kennedy     14-Aug-61 Icarus
 or Shoe String
1st GBR Nthns ’61
1st GBR ’62
3rd GBR ’63
1st GBR Nthns ’63
2nd GBR ’64
2nd GBR ’65
1st Nthn Ireland ’66
1st GBR ’66
3rd GBR ’68
3rd GBR Nthns ’68
GBR 441 Shalwell Pattern Co     25-Mar-61 Sylphide 2nd GBR Nthns ’62
1st GBR ’63
1st GBR Sthns ’63
3rd Scots ’70
GBR 442 Woodnutt     28-June-61 Soffia  
GBR 443 Woodnutt     8-May-61 Strega  
GBR 444         Climax  
CAN 445            
GBR 446 R H Criddle   Total Loss 20-Jun-62 Phantom II  
GBR 447 Chippendale     17-April-61 Arctic Fox  
GBR 448 Cowes Boatbuilding Co     24-May-61 Ffohn  
GBR 449 Halmatic     18-Apr-64 Ffian
 or Ruffian
 or Dunlin
GBR 450 Tormentor     26-March-62 Ffantasia
 or Carmen
GBR 451 Costello     28-May-61 Chic
 or Fiffer
USA 452     Maine      
USA 453     Maine      
USA 454     Maine   Dart
 or Fafnir
 or E.J.
1st USA ’91
1st USA ’93
USA 455     Maine   Adequate  
GBR 456 J A Wood     28-May-61 Astra
 or Su-Su
USA 457     Maine   Flying Fox
 or Devil’s Disciple
USA 458     Maine   Phalarope 1st USA ’92
1st USA ’94
1st USA ’97
USA 459     Mass   Bajada  
USA 460     Maine   Devil’s Disciple  
USA 461 Geonautics   Maine   Waukeag  
USA 462     Maine      
GBR 463            
GBR 464 Chippendale Wood   1-Jul-61 Penny Lane
 or Rhondo
GBR Owners Cup ’80
GBR 465 Chippendale Wood Chip 1 8-Jul-61 Miffanwy  
GBR 466 Chippendale     1-August-61 Affrodite
 or Moonwind
GBR 467 Cowes Boatbuilding Co     15-May-61 Ffharmakon  
GBR 468 Tormentor     13-Sep-61 Flight ‘O’ Fancy
 or Fian
1st GBR ’65
GBR 469 Chippendale     9-Aug-63 Winkle Picker
 or Humorist
GBR 470 Chippendale     4-Jul-62 Free Spirit
 or Slipstream
GBR 471 Chippendale     22-Jul-61 Troll
 or Harmonica
NZL 472 Mick Mason   Destroyed 1970   Ffancy  
NZL 473 Ashton   Destroyed 1989 20-Feb-64 Ffantom  
NZL 474 M Mason     15-Feb-62 Ffifi
 or Ffortuna
GBR 475 Loraine     22-Jun-62 Fric-Frac  
GBR 476 Woodnutt     21-Dec-61 Fernie Fox  
SUI 478            
GBR 479         Skua  
NZL 480       18-Feb-64 Lyric  
NZL 481 S Mason     20-Feb-64 Ffilippa II  
NZL 482 S Mason     14-Jul-63 Fred Farkles F.F.F.
 or Ffiesta II
1st NZL ’79
QAT 483         Farah  
QAT 484         Faheema  
GBR 485 Chippendale Wood   16-Oct-61 Gilmac  
GBR 486 Chippendale     18-Dec-61 Ffilippa  
GBR 487 Copeland     8-September-62 Faun  
IRL 488 Carlisle     31-May-62 Firecrest  
GBR 489 Halmatic / Chippendale     31-Jan-62 Mistral  
GBR 490 Chippendale     16-Mar-62 Cinderella
 or Flowcoach
GBR 491 Medina Yacht Co     2-Jun-62 Fflaff  
NZL 493         Ffledgling  
NZL 494 L Wilkins     20-Feb-64 Ffortissimo 3rd NZL ’68
3rd NZL East Coast ’69
1st  Napier ’70
1st Napier ’72
1st NZL East Coast ’73
1st= Napier ’73
NZL 495 Sam Mason     10-Jan-64 Ffraogh 2nd Auckland ’67
GBR 496 Newell     6-Jun-62 Flute 2nd Worlds Classic '15
CAN 497 Copeland       Tiko
 or Nauty
USA 498 Copeland     6-Jun-62 Whiff  
IRL 499 Gilmore     19-Jun-62 Goosander II 2nd Nthn Ireland ’66
GBR 500 Chippendale Wood   4-Jun-62 Zingara  
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