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Try a Fifteen

The Flying Fifteen/Try a Fifteen
If you have always wanted to know why so many people sail these amazing boats you will always find a willing volunteer to help you.

Try a Fifteen - The most fun you can have with a keel on!

"Try a Fifteen" is a scheme to provide you with an opportunity to have a trial sail in a Flying Fifteen (FF).

The FF is a modern 2 person keelboat and despite its name is 20 feet or 6.1m long. The 15 feet is the waterline length of the boat. The boat performs like a dinghy and planes quite easily in a moderate breeze.

The boat is ideal for beginners and those returning to sailing after uni and starting a family who do not like capsizes.

  • The Flying Fifteen is a 2 person racing yacht
  • It has a keel which makes it easier to sail than a racing dinghy and less likely to send you swimming
  • It only needs 2 people to sail, several crews are husband & wife teams. (see photo)
  • The Flying Fifteen is an International Class recognised by World Sailing.

There are fleets in many countries around the world and the Class is a World Sailing International Class.

The boat only weighs a little over 300Kgs so can easily be towed by a normal sedan.

National events are organised by the various National Associations, while World and European Championships are organised by Flying Fifteen International (FFI).

If you would like to Try a Flying Fifteen please complete the below:

Privacy Notice: Your data will only be used for the purposes of contacting you in regards to arranging a trial sail; it will not be entered into any database or email marketing system for further use.

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