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The Flying Fifteen - another success from the pen of Uffa Fox

The origins of the Flying 15 as a concept of Uffa Fox's developing into a well loved class sailed in both northern and southern hemispheres.

What is a Flying Fifteen?

Beating in Dublin Bay 2019A Flying Fifteen is a Two Person Racing Yacht

The Flying Fifteen is sailed and raced in several countries around the world on the sea, estuaries and inland waters. Club racing is the most important aspect of flying fifteen sailing and you will find links to a club near you on the various pages of this website.

The boat is 6 metres long and the 15 refers to the original waterline length - 15 feet (4.57m). The Flying Fifteen is a dinghy with a keel so is ideal for those who have sailed dinghies and are tired of or too old to cope with capsizes. 

Unlike many sports boats you only require one other person to sail with you, crew combinations come in all sizes, genders and ages - it is just a matter of tweaking the boat to suit your combination. It is easy to launch by 2 people either off a ramp or using a hoist, it is also easy to tow behind a family sedan.

The Class Association is very strong and class rules are tightly managed by the FFI Council so that any developments do not de-value existing boats. Flying Fifteen International Council manages the class, and each affiliated National Association nominates a delegate to FFI Council. 

The Flying Fifteen is an International Class recognised by World Sailing. National events are organised by the various National Associations, while the World and European Championships are organised by Flying Fifteen International (FFI).

Please access the various National Association websites via the links on this page. We would love you to join us so please contact a club that sails Flying 15’s near you today!

Download a copy of the 2021 Flying Fifteen Yearbook

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