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Measurement & Correctors
Michael Clark 1200

Measurement & Correctors

The New Measurement Form is now available on this website under Rules & Docments  -  Measurement Form 2022
Also attached are the instructions to Measurers on how to supervise the Reduction in Weight of Correctors.

New Flying Fifteen Class Rules, Effective 1 March 2022:
Procedure for Initial Reweighing of Hulls:

For an initial reweighing after 1 March 2022:
An Official Flying Fifteen Class Measurer (refer to Class Rule A3) shall:
Review the boat’s Measurement Certificate;
Verify that the corrector weights are as recorded on the Measurement Certificate;
Check the weights of correctors shown on the Measurement Certificate for the boat;
Remove up to 5 kg of corrector weights;
Record the new corrector weights on an amended (or new) Measurement Certificate;
Report the results to the National Class Chief Measurer and National Class Registrar;
Record and collate the data and report to the Chief Measurer.
If a boat owner wishes to carry out this procedure with other work, or modifications, then they shall present the boat for fundamental measurement and weighing, as provided for in Class Rules A5 and B8.2.
An initial reweighing after 1 March 2022 may take place at any time and may be within one year of a previous weighing, but any subsequent reweighing shall comply with Class Rule B8.2.
Graeme Robinson IM
FFI Chief Measurer

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