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Jackdaw Jug

Championship Results/World Championship Trophies/Jackdaw Jug
The Winner of the 6th Race in the World Championship

Jackdaw Jug Trophy



The Jackdaw Jug Trophy was presented to FFI in 1986 by Geoffrey Greenfield - a past Commodore of FFI, to be awarded to the Winner of the Sixth race in the World Championship.

Winner of the Sixth Race in the World Championship

Year Sail No Boat Name Helm Crew Home Country
2023 4063 Firefly Philippa Packer D.McAullay AUS
2019 4071 Floaty McFloatFace G.Vials C.Turner GBR
2017 4021   S. Goacher T. Harper GBR
2015 4026 Fourwinds C.Apthorp A.Green GBR
2013 4004 Foof G.Vials C.Turner GBR
2011 3917 Art Gekko M.Hart R.Rigg UK
2009 3833 No Bull G.Alderson D.McAullay AUS
2007 3721   S.Goacher P.Evans GBR
2005 3739 Ffortune A.Goodmanson A.Rowlands NZL
2003 Not Sailed
2001 3721   S.Goacher P.Evans GBR
1999 3621 Two Lunches S.Goacher P.Evans GBR
1997 3521   S.Goacher P.Evans GBR
1995 3224 Crucial Moment G.Lillingston E.Resevicius AUS
1994 3465 Funny Feeling R.Mander" C.Hewkin GBR
1992 3364 Clapped Out Toy Boy y I.Cleaver" C.Owen GBR
1990 3167 Different Priorities J.Weston" T.Weston GBR
1988 3182 Deejay N.Buckley" T.Hancock GBR
1986 3069 Muffin G.Wells" S.Billingham GBR
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