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Royal Queensland YS Trophy

Championship Results/World Championship Trophies/RQYS Trophy
The Sixth Place in the World Championship

Royal Queensland YS Trophy


Presented 1990 by Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron to be awarded to the Sixth boat in the World Championship

;Awarded to the Sixth Place in the World Championship

Year Sail No Boat Name Helm Crew Home Country
2023 3933 El Totto Grant Alderson Luke Paterson  
2019 3760 GBR3760 J.Davey M.Huett GBR
2017 3091 Fflorin H. Percy S. Pedersen NZL
2015 4002   A. McKee R. Jones GBR
2013 3920 Betty G. Wells A. Jameson GBR
2011 3922   J.Davy  S.Childs GBR
2009 3917 Art Gekko M.Hart  R.Rigg GBR
2007 3760   J.David  R.Rigg GBR
2005 3805 Sweet Chariot D.Mckee  C.Hewkin GBR
2003 3779   R.Mander  C.Hewkin GBR
2001 3711   A.Bax  W.Masterman GBR
1999 3669 Occasional Course Language G.Alderson  A. Harry AUS
1997 3425 Basilica Computer A.Jameson  J.Grant GBR
1995 3520 Blue Heaven T.Bayliss  G.Bayliss GBR
1994 3453 Hoggle A.Bax  P.Busby GBR
1992 3378 Mmirage G.Lillingston  M.Green AUS
1990 3060 Flying High D.Andrews  C.Andrews AUS
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