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Tom Ratcliff Trophy

Championship Results/World Championship Trophies/Tom Ratcliff Trophy
The Second Place Boat in the World Championship

Tom Ratcliffe Trophy

Presented to FFI by Tom Ratcliff (the first Commodore of FFI) in 1979 to be awarded to the second place in the World Championship.

Awarded to the Second Place in the World Championship

Year Sail No Boat Name Helm Crew Home Country
2023 4105 Best Foot Forward Nick Jerwood Brad Sheridan AUS
2019 4005 Fiery Chariot A.McKee R.Jones GBR
2017 3986 Ineffable N. Jerwood J. Jerwood AUS
2015 3760   J. Davy M. Huett GBR
2013 3986 Ineffable N. Jerwood J. Jerwood AUS
2011 3928   M. McIntyre G. McIntyre GBR
2009 3911   B. Parkin T. Hall GBR
2007 3721   S. Goacher P. Evans GBR
2005 3591 Fourwinds IV C. Apthorp A. Green GBR
2003 3703   M. Hart R. Rigg GBR
2001 3721   S. Goacher P. Evans GBR
1999 3648 Gekko M. Hart C. Gower GBR
1997 3573 Hoof Hearted R. Mander C. Hewkin GBR
1995 3536 Full Adventure Playground I. Barker W. Masterman GBR
1994 3481 Pretty in Pink A. Ball S. Happ NZL
1992 3313 Ruff Gruffa J. Thomson M. Brown AUS
1990 3172 Furthermore R. Craddock M. Smith NZL
1988 3140 Black Scuttler G. Wells S. Billingham GBR
1986 3079 Sniffer P. Morrison N. Appleton GBR
1984 2944 Skylab G. Bailey W. Masterman GBR
1982 2031 Saffron R. Craddock S. Battley NZL
1980 2481 Interceptor E. Gilmore C. Coffey GBR
1979 1714 Elijay G. Lillingston B. Thornley AUS
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