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We are Back!
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We are Back!

Second largest Ransomware attack of 2020

Our hosting company was hacked in a major Ransomware attack. (more details)

This scenario can hit any provider. No exceptions. is one of the biggest hosting providers around (source zdnet) and they are people with great skills. 

 As our insurers IT forensics explained: "this is quite an advanced attack. If you manage to infect sites on 3 continents (USA, Europe and Australia that we know of), you know what you're doing. And as the bad guys/girls have been planning this, they are ahead of us. have a lot to do to restore their business and so do we. That is by no means a 1-day job for them. For us it means a new start with a new hosting company.

 We have lost much of the old content from the old website and all the backups. We can retrieve data and images from local files and the Internet Archive website. It just needs putting back together!

This will be a slow job and some pages will need to be back ASAP, Programme, News, Boats for Sale. 

You will need to re-register with the site (if you already were). Just as a security point, you should use new unique passwords.

If you have copied anything from the website that may be useful to us please contact me at [email protected]

Simon Thompson GBR4080

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