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World Sailing Identification
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World Sailing Identification

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If you are in the process of entering the European Championship in France you will see you are required to have a World Sailing ID.

We encourage all sailors competing (Helm & Crew)in World and European championships to register for a World Sailing ID. It is great for World Sailing record keeping and useful for you to have an accurate log of your results.

Here you can see the 2023 FF Worlds overall results, where you’ll see lots of missing results where the World Sailing ID was not included in the entry form:

You can then move from the Regatta to Sailor, to see their other results:

‘Categorisations’refers to amateur and professional status and tends to apply only to yacht racing.

The World Sailing ID is a unique member ID and is free to obtain from:

Users will only ever need one ID. If they already have an ID, search for it here:

World Sailing IDs are widely used in dinghy racing to identify results to the correct World Sailing Profile, rather than using Names. When sailors register for a regatta, their World Sailing ID is tagged to their Name and result. The results can then be downloaded and sent to World Sailing in a special file type called ‘XRR’.

There are three widely used results programmes that can do this, SailWave, SailTi and Manage2sail.

An example of how it looks online and links to World Sailing profiles:

When filling out the form it is important to remember that how you type your name is what will appear in the results. Our preference is a capital for each name e.g John Smith. If you already have an ID please edit it to this format

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